I have 8 mins…

I have 8 mins before my next call. With a reporter. Just had one with our PR agent. R is asking me why I seem unhappy. (I’m supposed to tell you who R is – sis/co-founder/the kid I raised when I was a kid) I dont really know why. Well I kinda do. I came in here this morning feeling super happy. I was jamming. I was jamming to Taylor Swift at home. Damn her, the music is catch. 1989 album is da bomb. Then I got in the car with N. Every once in a while i get to join her on her morning commute and she drops me off a few blocks from work. Makes my morning oh so much more enjoyable and more social. We were jamming to top 40 in there. <- top 40 sounds so uncool. But it was actually good shit. Watch me whip, watch me Nae Nae. ’nuff said. So why did i get unhappy? it started the moment R told me she was running late and to conference her into our 930a call. that shldnt be a big deal but for some reason it felt like one to me. maybe it was because i made an effort all morning to get in on time. it irked to keep taking the job so lightly. probably piled up from the time when she got bk from burning man this wk after labor day. thought she’d be in on tues. but she got in on the red eye, went home to take a nap, and met me at a work meeting at 530p. i know that shldnt be a huge deal either but i also got irked then. like duuuuude, we’re trying to run a business. you can’t just sleep through the day. plan better!! Or at least let me know ahead and clear it so we’re on the same page?

anywayz, the unhappiness started there. but then it got worse when our pr agent wasn’t being helpful. national media not going to pick up this story; it’s more for local. DUUUUUH, that’s because you’re not pitching them a good national fking story! “Start-up is going on national show.” oh yah, WSJ is def gonna wanna cover that. Super interesting. HELLLLLLOOO. Obviously not. Come up with better shit. “New national TV show gives America a glimpse into start-up life” “America: Obsessed with Tech and Start-ups – Catch the latest reality show craze”. Those ideas might suck but at least they have a fuking national chance!

That’s why i got unhappy. But possibly worse was R telling me to stop talking and what am I on today. She wrote me on the notepad during the talk “she’s not helpful. me and you have to talk”. basically she was trying to tell me “ain’t nobody gonna help us. we gotta prep our own press interviews and story angles. let’s hang up and use our time to do that”. I get it. she’s right. but we’re not gonna do it. we’ll prep. but we’re not gonna reach out to press. PLUS why am I paying someone to do that if i’m just gonna do it?! we need to start delegating more. we need to start telling people when they’re sucking. otherwise, nothing is going to get done.

So annnnywayz… i had other things i was gonna talk to you about today but let’s just kick it off with that one.

I’m also gonna try to go bk and add a couple of photos to these posts. a picture tells a thousand words…

R is jumping on the call with reporter. I’m bailing for you. Good for us to do things alone sometimes. She’s a little irked that she’s doing the call alone but I think it’s good for her.

xo <- I sound like gossip girl. lol.

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