I just had to

It’s day two. It’s late. I’m tired. <- Not to be confused with “I’m already tired”. The awesome name of this place. 😉 But I had to check in and write something.

I’d like to write more. Today I felt like taking a year off and writing. I just feel like I have so much to say. About nothing in particular and about everything…

The garage door just opened. Which means this second dimension that I’m in is officially slowly ending…

I’ll write more tmrw.

I had a massage tonight. 90 mins. I rarely ever schedule my own message. But today I really needed it. That should give you a sense of how badly my back hurt. Scoliosis. Slowly going to get worse in life, I know it. Need to do more for it. Then again I technically didn’t schedule tonight. R did. You’ll learn about R in another post. I didn’t schedule it but saying I wld still counts as a step towards expressing my “needs” more… 😉 <- That’s the latest from my sessions. More on those sessions another time.

Today I told a couple of people about this place and I started thinking that I may someday share it. But I just realized now that the thought alone is already inhibiting me. So we’re going bk to this place being MINE and MINE ALONE. So fukkkk it. I can write whatever the fuk I want!

Phew. That feels better already.


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