Everyone’s on Drugs…

R and I have decided that everyone is on drugs. That may sound like an overstatement, but as founders of a start-up, we’ve literally seen it all. We’ve brought on people who seem like they can do the job only to find out they say crazy shit or do crazy shit. How is this happening??

The event that triggered this thought today is really very trivial. But when you’re managing a multi-million dollar company, you need the little/tiny/trivial things to go smoothly. Please at least let those things go smoothly. So you can focus on the real things that matter. And I don’t even mean the much bigger “BIG” picture things like strategy, your product, or god forbid your long-term vision. That would be amazing. I mean just the slightly bigger things like what changes can we make to the site to create a better experience.

Yes, bk to today’s trivial event. I feel silly sharing it with you. Partly because there’s no one reading this. And partly because it’s so silly! Here it is: Our PR agent asks to speak with our photographer for a private viewing party we have coming up. She would like to coordinate with him. We’ve never met this photographer; he’s affordable, seems decent, so we booked him. (We’re going bk on national TV for 15 minutes of primetime; I’m sure there will be more on that later.) Great, we connect her. Next email: She emails him, copies us, and says. “Thanks for your interest in [insert our company name]. How can I help you?” …..This is when we realized everyone is on drugs.

I really shouldn’t have to be monitoring something as silly as an interaction between our PR agent and photographer. This should go smoothly without my oversight.

Then I get a notification email from Google. Thanks Google, you rock. There’s a new press article up about our company. Great, fun, what is it? Some reporter decided to share our personal invite to the “private” viewing party for the whole public to see. She included all the details: place, time, etc. And listed the cost as free. Did I miss something? Since when do you publicly share a personal invite to a private event? Now we have to actually check people in and make sure we don’t end up with a clusterfuk at the event. Again, my real day hasn’t yet started. And there are these really silly, stupid things that need to be dealt with. Is the reporter on drugs too?

Okay I realize all this truly, and I mean truly, sounds like first world problems. They are. You’re absolutely right. If the first world would get off drugs, maybe the rest of the world would be better off…

Back to the grind.


PS. It’s a few days later and I’d like to add to the list of people who may be on drugs: R’s counter lawyer, a reporter we just got off the phone with (she missed our interview appt and when we called to check on her, she didn’t know what we were talking about and said “I can’t hear you; maybe it’s because the Pope mobile is driving by” Then proceeded to give us a list of reasons why she’s been busy that included having a dinner party for John Walsh last night). I’ll keep adding others.

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